Specialise in working with ETFE and Fabric structures

We currently hold several contracts for high level window cleaning.  We create schedules to suit occupants of the building, including early starts, late finishes and weekend work.

We are able to access the windows via abseiling, cradles - if situated on the building and lower level reach and wash.  We pride ourselves on our standard of work and are always willing to provide current references if required.

Aside from window cleaning contracts, we also offer one off jobs and contracts for the following:

  • Concrete repairs / pointing

  • Painting and coatings

  • Construction cleans

  • Window cleaning - external and internal

  • Wind damage repairs

  • Bird protection / netting and spiking

  • Banners and festive decorations

  • Cladding / cladding repairs

  • Hot air welding

  • Fall arrest netting

  • Factory roof lights, general repairs

  • High level pressure wash cleans

  • Air conditioning riser clean

  • General work at height