Specialise in working with ETFE and Fabric structures

Here at Abseil Solutions we are able to undertake the construction of ETFE and Fabric membrane roofing systems, also all maintenance works undertaken, from cleaning entire roofs inside and out, damage from birds which is a main cause of leaks to ETFE roofs, to general leaks to all areas of roof. We are also able to carry out hot air welding, from flat roof repairs to any facade water proof membrane system. Many ETFE roofs tend to attract birds which can cause damage over time,  at Abseil Solutions we offer netting systems of entire roofs no matter how big or small these are.

Additional Membrane Works

In addition to construction and maintenence we are able to offer the following services:

  • Complete overhaul of roof to improve its performance. This will include the removal of capping plates to gain access to clean out extrusion channels and the checking of expansion joints and
    replacing if needed.

  • All cleaning works to ETFE cushions internally and externally,
    including wash downs to all steel structures, PVC and PTFE
    fabric canopy roofs and tents.

  • Installation of rain suppressors - to reduce the sounds of falling water.

  • Installation of overlay - used to shade strong sunlight and heat penetrating through the roof.